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Two journalists who took part in the Fondation EurActiv PoliTech’s EU Journalism Fellowship programme have been shortlisted for a European press award. The committee of the European Press Prize 2012 will announce the winners on 26 January. Prune Antoine, currently a writer for ‘M, Le Magazine du Monde’, and Nikos Chrysoloras, a member of the… » read more

Posted by Marc Hall

EUROPEAN Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has confirmed a newly-independent Scotland would cease to be in the EU and re-entry would need to be renegotiated. The fresh confirmation has come in response to questions from Scottish Labour MEP David Martin. Mr Martin asked if advice given in 2004 – that a newly-independent country would become… » read more

Posted by Jennifer McKiernan

FIRST MINISTER Alex Salmond has been branded a bare-faced liar over an independent Scotland’s position in the EU. Scots MEP Catherine Stihler went head to head with the SNP leader over a government decision to refuse a Freedom of Information request on the issue. Salmond’s number two Nicola Sturgeon has now revealed such legal advice… » read more

Posted by Jennifer McKiernan

Die EU braucht ein Gesicht

Kinder geben irgendwie immer ein gutes Bild ab – das dachte wohl EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström, als sie am Freitag per Internet wissen ließ, wer ihrer Meinung nach den Friedensnobelpreis in Oslo entgegennehmen sollte. Die Vertreter der EU – man merkt es – sind ein wenig nervös und angespannt ob der Ehre, die ihnen zuteil wird.… » read more

Posted by Johanna Herzing

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland’s membership of the EU cannot be firmed up until the UK Government makes a move, the European Commission has confirmed. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have signed the Edinburgh Agreement, giving the legal green light for a referendum on an independent Scotland. Now the starting gun… » read more

Posted by Jennifer McKiernan

As the working day draws to a close, Place du Luxembourg – the square in front of the European Parliament in Brussels – fills with people. Among the crowd are lobbyists, on the hunt for networking opportunities. Place du Luxembourg – or Place Lux as it’s known – was described by one former Member of… » read more

Posted by Joanna Impey

BOOZE price hikes to combat alcohol abuse would be illegal, according to a top EU official. The SNP’s flagship policy to introduce minimum pricing was passed by Holyrood earlier this year, but needed the stamp of approval from the European Commission. Now commission vice president Antonio Tajani has turned his back on the plans, adding… » read more

Posted by Jennifer McKiernan

SCOTS will lose European Union membership if the country wins independence, according to EU policy bosses. Nationalists believe an independent Scotland would have no problem remaining in the European Union. But European Commission head of growth and jobs Olivier Bailly said on Tuesday the move would take the EU into uncharted waters. He said: “We… » read more

Posted by Jennifer McKiernan

By Nikos Chrysoloras Unlike previous economic crises, today we know what to do, how to do it, and when. We have the know-how, the experience from the past, as well as a rich body of helpful academic literature and detailed policy proposals. The fact that we don’t use these resources, demonstrates the leck of leadership… » read more

Posted by Nikos Chrysoloras